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FAQ: Everything at a Glance

All information about LEDOX365 CLM, contract management and legal tech.

In this section, we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Improve and accelerate not only contract creation, but also approval and signature workflows with LEDOX365, while maintaining full compliance and quality standards and reducing costs at the same time. Gain an overview of your active and archived contracts and their content and let LEDOX365 manage deadlines, reminders and retention policies. LEDOX365 is fully integrated into your Microsoft 365 platform, highly available, scalable and internationally available and helps you to create transparency in your company with simultaneous authorization control.

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LEDOX365 provides both in-house counsel and business users with end-to-end digital processes for the entire contract lifecycle.
In-house counsel evolve into efficient business lawyers focused on managing complex legal issues, driving and building standardization of contract templates to enable business users to create contracts without legal department involvement.
Business users are supported by fully automated contract drafting capabilities for standard contracts, while more complex contract requests are managed through integrated workflows that require and support the involvement of in-house lawyers.

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LEDOX365 reduces costs, time, facilitates access, improves user adoption and increases visibility across the organization while minimizing risk and significantly improving compliance. LEDOX365 also covers the entire lifecycle of contracts, from contract initiation and creation, negotiation and dealing with external parties, to approval and signing workflows for electronic and paper-based signatures, due date management, reporting and data retention.

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LEDOX365 will be fully embedded into your existing Microsoft 365 tenant, specifically SharePoint and Azure, while adhering to your security and compliance standards and extending your existing platform. Your LEDOX365 implementation specialist team will work closely with your IT and legal team to optimize implementation and configuration.
LEDOX365 has flexible configuration options to adapt to the different requirements of your organization.

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Your LEDOX365 implementation specialist team will work closely with you to not only make the implementation project a success, but also provide quick configuration for administrators, quick adoption for users, training for your (power) users and IT team, and application support from the very first moment. Most importantly, we will assist you in integrating the tool with contract templates for the legal department, migrating existing contracts and setting up your organization in the tool.

To get the best out of your organization, we work with the largest law firms in the world to help you design the underlying business processes, user training, change management and communication.

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With our specially developed ‘Jump on Phase’, you can use LEDOX365 from the very first second in your tenant, as soon as it is implemented. Already during the configuration of the tool, together with our implementation team, you can start using LEDOX365 with your users and focus on user acceptance and training as well as standardization with contract templates.

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LEDOX365 Functions

Create, structure and manage contracts intelligently.

Empower both your in-house counsel and business users with a centralized contract lifecycle management and collaboration software based on Microsoft 365 with digital processes.


Contract Creation

In LEDOX365 können alle Mitarbeitenden Ihres Unternehmens mit nur wenigen Klicks Verträge erstellen. Klauseln und Templates werden einfach verwaltet und im Unternehmen freigegeben.

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Verträge betreffen nicht nur die Rechtsabteilung. Eine nahtlose Zusammenarbeit bei Verträgen ist daher essenziell für den Erfolg des gesamten Unternehmens.

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Contract Administration

Ihre Verträge bleiben an ihrem Speicherort in Microsoft 365 und liegen dort sicher und compliant ab. Für Sie als Unternehmen sind sie an einem Ort jederzeit digital verfügbar.

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Reporting & Analysis

Kombinieren Sie Erkenntnisse, Risiken und Informationsmanagement in einem einzigen, zentralisierten Repository mit Fristenmanagement, Berichten und Datenaufbewahrungsrichtlinien.

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Durch die vielfältigen Integrationen von LEDOX365 können Ihre Teams mit Verträgen in den Anwendungen, die Sie täglich nutzen, arbeiten, um den Vertragsfluss zu beschleunigen und Ihr Unternehmen voranzubringen.

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Compliance & Security

Mit LEDOX365 werden keine Daten außerhalb ihrer Umgebung verarbeitet und Sie nutzen die volle Leistung ihres Microsoft 365 Tenants inklusiver aller Compliance, Governance und IT Security Services, Konfigurationen und Teams nahtlos weiter.

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