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Simple. Secure. Compliant.

We give technology a purpose.

Join has more than 20 years of IT project experience with a broad range of skills. Our solutions are used by over 700+ customers in over 3000+ projects around the world.

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About us:

We stand for a high standard of meaning, benefit and quality for ourselves as well as for the solutions we develop for our customers and benefit from the merger of B-S-S Business Software Solutions GmbH and Lintra Solutions GmbH. With a total of 23 years of IT experience, we are constantly committed to helping our customers achieve more.

Join has more than 20 years of IT project experience with a wide range of competencies. Our solutions are used by over 700+ customers in over 3000+ projects around the world and have many years of experience in Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and document management. We owe this to our dedicated team. We are constantly evolving, not only professionally and technically, but also personally. We work transparently and without artificial boundaries. For better results, decisions and, above all, more time for matters close to our hearts.


IT’s all about people.

Join GmbH creates intelligent solutions for internal and cross-company communication and collaboration.

As a team of over 80 experts, with offices in Magdeburg, Eisenach and Dresden, as well as additional specialists in Frankfurt, Szczecin and Munich, we help our customers to achieve better results by making technology useful for people and society.

We combine sophisticated standard products with new technologies and services to meet your individual needs and wishes. We use our experience and expertise to optimize work, communication and business processes in companies and to make collaboration user-friendly, transparent, productive and value-adding.

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Innovation and sustainable solutions and services

Microsoft 365 Business Solutions

We leverage our experience and expertise and have 20+ years of experience in Microsoft 365, Azure, SharePoint and document management.

Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services creates innovative and sustainable technical solutions and services for our customers worldwide, such as Enterprise Search and Enterprise Solutions.

Operational Services

Our dedicated service team ensures that your solution is fail-safe so that you can access it securely from anywhere and at any time.

Product Services

Join has brought her technical expertise, a deep understanding of business processes and many years of experience with Microsoft 365, SharePoint and document management to the development of LEDOX365.

Join gmbh

Our solutions (or products)

  • Digital transformation with Microsoft 365
  • SharePoint Security Solutions
  • IT Infrastructure and Operations
  • Process & organization management
  • Intelligent Enterprise Search
  • Open Data Platforms

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