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Simple. Secure. Compliant.

All your contracts secure in one place.

Your contracts remain in their storage location in Microsoft 365 and are stored there securely and compliantly. For you as a company, they are digitally available in one place at all times. The powerful search finds every contract quickly and effectively.


contract life cycle

Effective contract management after finalization of the contract.

During the contract lifecycle, not only is secure storage and documentation important, but deadlines, termination options and other options must also be monitored to avoid risks. These can be effectively managed with automated workflows and reminders.

Effective risk management requires that filed contracts are fully documented and can be found again. LEDOX365's powerful search finds every relevant document with extensive filter options and full-text search.

In addition to contracts, other documents can also be stored in the contract file. There is an Outlook add-in for communication, which can be used to conveniently file emails and attachments from Outlook.

You can define exactly which users have which access to contracts or contract files. This means that only those people who are authorized can see a contract.


Contract management with LEDOX365

Secure Storage, Intelligent Archive

Your data stays where it was - in your M365 environment. Search and find every contract quickly and effectively.

Management According to Clear Rules

Contracts are stored securely and can be deleted automatically at the end of the retention period to avoid risks.

Reminders and Workflows

Stay informed throughout the contract cycle. Receive automatic reminders before important events.


Determine exactly who has access to a contract, as an individual or team.


End-to-end digital processes in contract management.

LEDOX365 provides both in-house counsel and business users with digital end-to-end processes for the entire contract lifecycle.

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