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Simple. Secure. Compliant.

Do you know the advantages of a private cloud application?

With LEDOX365, your data is only processed within your environment and you continue to use the full performance of your Microsoft 365 tenant including all compliance, governance and IT security services, configurations and teams seamlessly.

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What we deliberately do differently!

Unlike most contract management software solutions, LEDOX365 is not a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, but a Private Cloud Application (PCA). But what is the difference?

SaaS platforms store and process customer data outside the customer's data sovereignty. This means you have no control and others are responsible for the security of your data.

A private cloud application, on the other hand, is a software application that is hosted in a private cloud environment at the customer's premises, such as a Microsoft 365 tenant. It therefore offers more control and security than public cloud services, such as SaaS platforms. PCAs do not process and store data outside their environments. This reduces the risk of data loss and increases your company's security and IT compliance.

LEDOX365 is fully embedded as a private cloud application in your Microsoft 365 tenant, specifically SharePoint and Azure, in compliance with your existing security and compliance standards. The existing licenses and authorization, governance and compliance concepts and configurations continue to be used. No data is processed outside your environments but remains completely under your control.

your benefits

All data under your control.

Full Control and Security

Access your contract documents and data from anywhere in the world. Highly available and secure, with all the possibilities of the Microsoft 365 platform.

Benefit from Microsoft's Investment in Security

LEDOX365 is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft services such as Purview, Viva, Entra and all other services. This means that your settings are seamlessly adopted and you have full control over data security and storage.

Full Integration into Microsoft 365 and Azure

Benefit from full integration into existing governance, compliance and IT security settings of your Microsoft 365 and Azure platform.

Pre-Established Teams and Processes

Seamlessly continue to use existing teams, skills and processes and let your IT manage end user access and support. The LEDOX365 support teams will of course be happy to assist you.


Extend your investment in the Microsoft 365 platform.

LEDOX365 fits perfectly into your global Microsoft 365 strategy. It is fully integrated into your Microsoft 365 tenant and extends the licenses you already have.

Enable easy global implementation and seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 services while fully adhering to your security, governance and compliance settings.

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