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Simple. Secure. Compliant.

Collaboration on contracts across teams.

Contracts don’t just affect the legal department. Seamless collaboration on contracts is therefore essential for the success of the entire company – from sales and procurement to finance, IT, development, HR and beyond.



One platform for all your contracts.

Contracts are the basis for almost all business activities. They are drawn up, negotiated and concluded by many departments. Accordingly, collaboration must be possible right there and for everyone involved. LEDOX365 uses the communication tools of Microsoft 365 and extends them with simple workflows to make collaboration easy and secure.

With real-time negotiations, automated approval and signature workflows and an up-to-date version history, you can get contracts to the finish line in no time at all on a shared, globally available platform. Everyday tools such as Microsoft Word, Teams and Outlook are fully integrated and pick up your users where they are already working.


Keep track of your clauses and templates.

Connect People

Through configurable workflows for faster contracting with a single digital contract hub.

Faster Finalization of Contracts

By collaboratively editing, accessing, saving and cooperating on documents in-house and off-site.

Increase your Collaboration

Through special functions for the legal department and specialist departments with ready-made workflows and notifications.

Increase your Productivity

Through standard integrations in Microsoft Word, Outlook and Teams or other systems (e.g. SAP, SAP Ariba, Salesforce and others).


End-to-end digital processes in contract management.

LEDOX365 provides both in-house counsel and business users with digital end-to-end processes for the entire contract lifecycle.

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