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Einfach. Sicher. Compliant.

Revolutionizing Contract Management with Secure Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Complete tasks and analyze contracts in seconds. Automate processes to save time and increase efficiency. By integrating Azure OpenAI Services, LEDOX365 offers you a platform that is not only powerful and efficient, but also meets the highest security standards.

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Automated processes

Complete tasks and processes in seconds
with the LEDOX365 AI Assistant

The LEDOX365 AI Studio enables the secure application of AI technologies with corporate data based on contracts.

It offers standardized functions for contract summarization, completeness analysis, actionable recommendations, and risk assessments.

Metadata can be automatically extracted from documents, greatly supporting and accelerating the filing and migration process.

In addition to standard functions, LEDOX365 also allows customers to implement their own functions and use cases, providing tailored standard functionalities within their organization.

This significantly simplifies complex tasks, enabling users to focus on creativity and strategic thinking, while automating the generation of drafts, documents, and recommendations.

LEDOX365 AI Studio

Automate daily tasks
and processes

Summary of contracts or files

Automate contract summaries for approval and signature processes or board meetings in seconds.

Automated analysis of contracts

Analyze your contracts automatically for risks and obligations or check them for completeness.

Extracting information

Automatically extract the most important information from contracts and simplify the filing of documents and their metadata.

Creation of documents and recommendations for action

Create letters and documents in seconds or receive recommendations for actions when creating contracts.

Automated processes

Secure application of AI technologies with company data

Combining LEDOX365 with Azure OpenAI Services on the Azure platform achieves an unprecedented level of security for our customers.

The unique integration with Azure allows us to securely leverage innovative AI features while benefiting from Azure's proactive security measures and privacy practices.

This synergy enhances the reliability of our private cloud application, providing a secure, scalable, and fully controlled environment for our customers' data management.

Due to the robust security architecture, we can implement advanced AI-powered features that automate processes such as data processing and analysis.

This significantly simplifies complex tasks, enabling users to focus on more creative and strategic activities.


Experience AI-based innovations in contract management

With our latest feature update, we are introducing our new AI Assistant, a new UI interface and many other functions. Through our integration with Azure OpenAI Services, we are introducing a secure application of AI technologies with enterprise data.

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Experience our LEDOX365
AI assistant

  • Find out more about LEDOX365 and the AI assistant in our interactive live demo.
  • We show you practical examples of functions and processes.
  • We will discuss with you the advantages and possibilities of the CLM Platform in your company.

„With the global integration of LEDOX365 into our Microsoft 365 environment, we did not only improve the efficiency and collaboration within our company with automated workflows, but also provide easy usability and integration possibilities for our business and legal users.”

Katja Karcher, LL.M. (London)

Global Lead Counsel Digital, IT Law & Procurement at Heidelberg Materials AG

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