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Simple. Secure. Compliant.

Creating contracts and managing templates.

All employees in your company can create contracts in LEDOX365 with just a few clicks. Clauses and templates are easily managed and approved within the company.

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CLAUSES OR Templates

Create ready-made contracts in just a few seconds.

Drafting up contracts can be very time-consuming, especially if the legal department does this for the business. Valuable time can be lost here and collaboration between departments in the company can be strained. With LEDOX365, the business can create contracts easily and legally compliant itself. The legal department specifies the content and also determines what needs to be added or can be changed for a final contract.

The contract components are managed and kept up to date in a clause library by the legal department or contract management experts. Employees from all departments use this to independently initiate contracts or templates. The content is always up to date and the legal department has control over the contracts - without having to be the owner.


Contract creation with LEDOX365

Self-Service for your Business

Empower the business to create contracts themselves and significantly reduce the time it takes to get a signed contract.

Managing Clauses

Always have a complete overview of the clauses and templates used.

Create Standard Templates

Provide standard templates for different contract types and manage them in one central location.

Always up-to-date

Clauses only need to be updated once and are up-to-date in all templates used.

Draft contract in Word

No alternativ text editor, but all the familiar Word functions

Many other CLM platforms work with their own text editors. LEDOX365 uses Microsoft Word, one of the most widely used tools for lawyers, as the standard editor for creating and editing contracts.

All standard Word functions such as comments, change tracking, version histories, formatting and collaboration with internal and external parties on documents are available to users. These standard Word functions are enhanced by LEDOX365 functions such as placeholders, selection options, and soon also the LEDOX365 Word add-in.

Continue to work with the tools you have been using for years and with which you are familiar and also benefit from new Microsoft functions such as the Microsoft Co-Pilot or other plug-ins implemented in your company.


End-to-end digital processes in contract management.

LEDOX365 provides both in-house counsel and business users with digital end-to-end processes for the entire contract lifecycle.

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