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Certification Program for Experts

LEDOX365 Training & Certification.

mmerse yourself in the captivating world of LEDOX365 with our LEDOX365 Professional Trainings! Get to know the platform’s functions and learn how to manage contracts effortlessly.

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Become a change champion

Accompany the global rollout and increase user adoption through specialized training for specific roles.

In this training, you will learn advanced techniques to expertly create and revise contracts, optimize business processes and seamlessly manage negotiations, approvals and signatures. Leverage the synergy of LEDOX365 and Office365 to revolutionize your legal processes.

The LEDOX365 certification program includes three levels: Practitioner, Legal Expert and Administrator and Architect. Practitioner is the basic level and covers the processes of contract creation, review, negotiation, approval and execution. Professional covers legal concepts related to contracts, and Administrator covers system configuration, user management, security and reporting. Users complete each certification and receive a digital badge upon successful completion.


The LEDOX365 certification program comprises three levels:

Foundation, Professionals and Experts. Each user role for LEDOX365 is specially designed, distinctive and professionally conceived with industry experts.

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Our LEDOX365 certification program

LEDOX365 Fundamentals


Dive into the exciting world of LEDOX365 with our engaging Business User Training!

Unleash the full potential of LEDOX365 and Office365 combined for your business.
  • The skills to author and edit contracts like a pro
  • ​Streamline business workflows​
  • Effortlessly glide through negotiations, approvals, and signatures
  • learn to navigate, operate and manage contracts with LEDOX365


LEDOX365 Professional


Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of LEDOX365 with our dynamic LEDOX365 Professional Training!

Elevate your skills in this platform as you explore its features and how to effortlessly manage contracts.
  • advanced techniques to craft and revise contracts expertly
  • optimize business workflows
  • and seamlessly navigate negotiations, approvals, and signatures.
  • Harness the synergy of LEDOX365 and Office365 to revolutionize your legal operations.


LEDOX365 Administrator


This learning trail is designed for LEDOX365 Administrators to show you the configurational and administrational possibilities of the platform.

Make the best out of your LEDOX365 investment and unleash the full power of the platform.
  • maintain your organization, object and configuration details of the platform
  • learn how to create & maintain templates, clauses and pre- and post-questionnaires
  • configure and maintain approval policies and regulations
  • set up compliance, governance rules and maintain security


LEDOX365 Architect


This learning trail is designed for Product Owner and covers all the implementation, integration and configuration options for the LEDOX365 platform.

Unleash the full potential with LEDOX365 configurations integrations in Microsoft 365 and other tools
  • CLM Architects can set up and configure a LEDOX365 plattform specifically for the organization of a customer.
  • They can lead migration and integration projects to success and the business through the alignment details.
  • implement a strategy to connect ohter systems with LEDOX365
  • help getting insights in contract analytics and business development.


Benefits of our LEDOX365 certification program for business.

  • Advanced expertise: Comprehensive knowledge and skills to maximize LEDOX365 functionalities.
  • Optimized implementation: Efficient global rollout and consistent implementation.
  • Improved efficiency: Streamlining contract management processes and reducing manual effort.
  • Reduced risks: Enforce compliance, standardize processes and mitigate legal and operational risks.
  • Consistent practices: Establish a standardized approach, reduce errors and ensure compliance.
  • Maximized ROI: Optimize the use of LEDOX365 to improve contract management outcomes.
  • Improved collaboration: Seamless communication, document sharing and real-time collaboration.
  • Continuous improvement: Ongoing training to stay up to date with the latest features and best practices.
  • Competitive advantage: Demonstrate your commitment to excellence and the expertise of your employees in LEDOX365.


Microsoft 365 for Legal Experts

Join our certification program to become a legal expert in the use of Microsoft services such as MS Teams, Word and Outlook. Enhance your legal department with practical use cases that combine Microsoft's compliance, security and governance capabilities.

Discover growth opportunities for your organization using the Power Platform, Viva Insights and Microsoft Co-Pilot. This course is designed for innovative legal professionals who want to realize the full potential of Microsoft tools and services.

M365 for Legal

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