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AI & Legal

LEDOX365 Version 4.0: Experience AI-based innovations in contract management


Optimize your contract management with LEDOX365 version 4.0, which uses Artificial Intelligence to simplify and accelerate your legal processes. This latest version offers an enhanced user experience and a range of advanced features designed to improve your daily workflows.

Introduction of AI-supported functions: A revolution in contract management

With the latest update to LEDOX365 version 4.0, you will experience a new era of contract management. The introduction of AI-powered features, in particular automatic contract summaries through advanced AI tools, allows you to efficiently analyze contracts and quickly capture important details. These technologies, integrated into a secure cloud environment, offer you not only speed, but also unrivaled security and data protection.

Revised user interface: Intuitive and user-friendly

Version 4.0 comes with a completely redesigned user interface that is intuitive to use and provides faster access to key features. The improvements in the “My LEDOX365” and “Admin Area” are designed to ensure a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Extended admin functions: New data storage centers and enhanced configuration options provide administrators with improved control and overview.

Multilingual support and global reach

LEDOX365 version 4.0 expands its global capabilities by introducing multilingual support. This enables teams worldwide to use the software in their preferred language, facilitating international collaboration.

New ways to set relations: We have revised the way in which you set up relationships between different objects.

New features for efficiency and productivity

Numerous new features and enhancements have been introduced in this release, including a new Tasks area, improved object relationship capabilities, a Data Retention Center for comprehensive data management and enhanced administrative features. These tools are designed to simplify management and organization and increase productivity.

Reminder and calendar: Manage your appointments and tasks efficiently in one place.

Upgrade to LEDOX365 Version 4.0

We invite you to upgrade to the latest version and discover the many new features for yourself. Your feedback is crucial to continuously improve LEDOX365 and tailor it to your needs. LEDOX365 version 4.0 makes contract management easier, faster and more secure. Experience the difference and optimize your processes with our most advanced software solution. Switch today and experience the added value of LEDOX365!

Made with love – The entire LEDOX365 team is looking forward to your feedback and your success stories with our new version!

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