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5 Success Factors for a CLM Implementation at Heidelberg Materials


On Tuesday, 12.09.2023, the Deloitte Legal Tech Fair took place at Deloitte Legal in Düsseldorf. A great event superbly organized by Klaus Gresbrand and his team. Thank you again for the invitation, Klaus Gresbrand, we are already looking forward to the sequel! In her keynote speech, Katja Karcher, LL.M. (London). Karcher reported on the introduction of a legal tech tool at Heidelberg Materials.

Here are some of our highlights from Katja Karcher’s keynote on the implementation of the new Contract Lifecycle Management Platform LEDOX365 at Heidelberg Materials:

  •  Improved collaboration: All users with an MS license can use LEDOX365 of the corporate license. This creates a collaboration platform not only for the legal department, but for all users.
  • Integration with Microsoft 365: LEDOX365 is an M365, SharePoint, Teams and Outlook application. Consequently, all Office applications that users are already familiar with are integrated into LEDOX365, which increases user adoption.
  • Ease of use: Instead of a complicated system, LEDOX365 combines many familiar Microsoft applications with a simple user interface, making it easier to use and adapt to the system.
  • Improved effectiveness: LEDOX365 replaces many manual tasks with automated workflows, such as signing and approval processes.
  • Further development opportunities: LEDOX365 continues to have the advantage of not being “just” a CMS, but also capturing projects (Projects) and disputes (Disputes).
  • Interfaces to other systems: LEDOX365 enables the connection to various other systems at Heidelberg Materials (such as SAP Core, SAP Ariba, LEM).

She reported on how the implementation not only improved effectiveness and collaboration, but also enabled user-friendliness and simple reporting through integration with Microsoft365 and interfaces to the other systems. The further development options ensure that the system will continue to be state of the art in the future and incorporate the latest developments.

We are naturally delighted that this involved the CLM solution LEDOX365 from Join GmbH, which integrates perfectly into the existing IT system landscape on the basis of Microsoft 365.

The keynote speech was followed by a panel in which Klaus Gresbrand moderated a discussion and questions from the audience with Katja Karcher, LL.M. (London) Karcher, Philipp Thönnes, ServiceNow and our General Counsel and Head of the Legal Department Sven von Alemann on current topics. Among other things, Philipp Thönnes described exciting current legal tech projects at E.ON and Sven explained current aspects of the application of Generative AI and Large Language Models in the legal department and especially in our LEDOX365 solution.

The participants then had the opportunity to get to know and try out products and solutions from JUNE GmbH, Deloitte, Deloitte Legal, ServiceNow and Join GmbH at various stands. In addition to the great food and excellent wine, it was nice to connect and exchange ideas with so many familiar and new faces.

All in all, it was a great event with the right mix of content input, exciting guests, great conversations, a great location and perfect organization. We are already looking forward to the next edition next year!

“I found one learning and best practice particularly worth sharing: Think big, start small and grow smart.

Sven von Alemann

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