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M365 for Legal - Roundtable series with the Liquid Legal Institute e.V.


The grand finale has been reached! After five exciting and interactive roundtable sessions, we conclude our “M365 for Legal – Expert” Serie im Liquid Legal Institute e.V. and would like to express our deepest gratitude to all participants and guests. From a comprehensive overview of the Microsoft 365 platform to the latest technologies such as CoPilots and Azure AI Open Services, together we explored the broad spectrum of the Microsoft 365 platform and services, with a special focus on future projects for legal departments.

A look back at our journey with our distinguished guests and five key learnings and best practices that legal departments and lawyers can use in their work:
The Microsoft 365-platform
  • with Nina Stoeckel from Boehringer Ingelheim and Thomas Sachsendahl from Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
  • An integrated platform like Microsoft 365 allows legal professionals to find all the tools they need in one place, from email and calendars to advanced analytics tools.
Microsoft Teams / SharePoint
  • with Klaus Gresbrand from Deloitte Legal and Arnim Wagner from Join GmbH
  • Teams and SharePoint promote collaboration within the legal department and with external partners by providing a secure environment for communication and document management.
Power Plattform: apps and services
  • with Philipp Thönnes from E.ON and Nils Maiwurm from Vodafone
  • The Power Platform enables legal teams to develop customised solutions that automate and optimise specific processes without in-depth programming knowledge.
Security, Governance & Compliance
  • with Jutta Löwe from Brenntag and Isabel Vogel from Microsoft
  • Microsoft’s security and compliance features enable legal departments to comply with data protection regulations while protecting sensitive data.
CoPilots, Azure AI Open services and new technologies
  • with Christian Häp from JUNE and Sven von Alemann from Join GmbH
  • These services offer advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to help legal professionals analyse data and make decisions

Particularly noteworthy is not only the extensive positive feedback, but also the large and active participation in each roundtable to discuss innovative ideas, best practices and practical use cases.

5 best practices from the roundtables:

Integration and training:
  • Ensure full integration of Microsoft services into your daily processes and invest in training your team to use the platform effectively.
Data security and compliance:
  • Use Microsoft’s Security & Compliance Centres to set policies that meet both data protection and legal industry professional standards.
Process automation:
  • Identify recurring tasks in your legal practice and use Power Automate to automate these processes and save time.
Knowledge management and collaboration:
  • Use Teams and SharePoint to centralise knowledge and facilitate information sharing, improving collaboration within the team and with clients.
Innovative technologies:
  • Experiment with AI-based services such as Viva Insights to analyse work patterns and increase productivity, or use CoPilot to manage and create legal documents more efficiently.

By participating in our roundtable series, participants not only gained a deeper understanding of these tools and services, but also a digital certificate proving your expertise. With these new skills and knowledge, you can modernise your legal practice and share your expertise within your team and network.

A huge thank you to all the speakers, participants and supporters who made this series such a success and of course to Sebastian Schüßler, who moderated the roundtable together with me, as well as to the Liquid Legal Institute e.V. and especially to Evgeny Ioffe and Larissa Maria Hambek for their support in setting up the roundtable!
Stay tuned for 2024 and the new projects we have planned!
More information: Microsoft 365 for Legal – Liquid Legal Institute e.V. (liquid-legal-institute.com)

Moderator of the roundtable: Sebastian Schüssler (Associate Partner / Head of Taskforce Digital Transformation, Rödl & Partner) and Alexander Gröger (Legal Tech Product Manager LEDOX365, Join GmbH)
Koordination des Roundtables: Alexander Gröger and Evgeny Ioffe

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