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Exciting news! Introducing our latest Liquid Legal Institute e.V. Roundtable: “Microsoft 365 for Legal”


Why are we acting and what are the issues?

Microsoft 365 is one of the hottest topics in the current legal tech scene and almost every organization has already made the decision to implement Microsoft 365 into their platform and include it in their global IT strategy. As the demands on legal departments increase, so do the expectations: Legal departments are being treated more and more like other departments, with KPIs such as effectiveness, efficiency, costs and productivity increasingly setting the agendas.

Technology and digitalization in general are key drivers. Individual solutions for individual problems are not sustainable. Complexity and costs are increasing, while user acceptance is decreasing. Similar to other industries and application areas, there is a trend towards platforms that are already accepted and established in companies, such as Microsoft 365.
With this roundtable we want to build bridges and connect the fields of legal, business and IT, taking into account the rich world of the ubiquitous Microsoft platform. We want to motivate you to build, improve and act with all these possibilities without struggling with IT regulations.

Which format we have chosen:

In this roundtable discussion, we would like to introduce you to the possibilities, exchange ideas and invite experts to present their thoughts and share best practices. If you are interested in taking part, please get in touch with Sebastian or Alexander.
To start, we will organize 5/6 different roundtables every 3 weeks starting from 05.09.23.
We will invite experts, share best practices / projects and discuss topics like:

05.09.23: Microsoft 365 platform overview
  • Thomas Sachsendahl (IT Project Management for Merck Group Functions + Technology and Innovation for Legal & Compliance, Merck KgaA)
  • Nina Stöckel (Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Boehringer Ingelheim)
26.09.23: Microsoft Teams / SharePoint
  • Klaus Gresbrand (Lawyer / Partner, Deloitte Legal Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
  • Arnim Wagner (Senior Microsoft 365 Consultant, Join GmbH)
17.10.23: Power Plattform: Apps & Services
  • Philipp Thönnes (Senior Manager Legal Operations & Legal Tech at E.ON)
  • Nils Maiwurm (Senior Legal Counsel at Vodafone)
23.11.07: Security, Governance & Compliance
  • Isabel Vogel (Business Lead Microsoft Purview & Microsoft Priva, Microsoft)
  • Jutta Löwe (Group Privacy Officer, Brenttag SE)
28.11.23: AI services and new technologies
  • Sven von Alemann (Head of Legal Tech, Join GmbH)
  • 🎉 Surprise guest 🎉

What you will get:

  • You’ll get razor-sharp use cases, real-world projects, best practices and a comprehensive look at the Microsoft 365 platform and its capabilities in the legal space from industry experts.
  • Improve your legal department or legal practice with practical use cases that combine Microsoft’s compliance, security and governance capabilities. Discover growth opportunities for your organization using the Power platform, Viva Insights and Microsoft Co-Pilot.
  • This course is designed for innovative legal professionals who want to realize the full potential of Microsoft tools and services.
  • By attending the first 5 sessions, you will receive a digital certificate to prove your knowledge with the “Microsoft 365 Legal Expert” certificate provided by Join.
  • By the end of the series, you will have gained valuable insights and practical skills to improve your legal practice and share valuable experience with your team.

Moderator of the roundtable: Sebastian Schüssler (Associate Partner / Head of Taskforce Digital Transformation, Rödl & Partner) and Alexander Gröger (Legal Tech Product Manager LEDOX365, Join GmbH)
Coordination of the roundtable: Alexander Gröger and Evgeny Ioffe

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