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IT specialist Join cooperates with digital legal initiative, Liquid Legal Institute e.V.


IT service provider Join is expanding its involvement in the non-profit sector. The company is now supporting the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI e. V.).

The Munich-based association was founded by seven experts from the fields of law and business. Their aim is to promote digitalization in the legal sector as well. The aim is to create a separate “legal ecosystem”. Specifically: an open, non-profit platform that can be accessed by all players in the legal market. Law firms, corporate legal departments, citizens, public administrations and legislators should all be able to participate equally in the forum and collaborate on legal matters. Among other things, this should standardize and synchronize legal documents, make data exchange more effective and simplify complicated legal transactions with many participants.

Digital transformation in the legal field

“We absolutely understand the goals and approaches of the Liquid Legal Institute. After all, Join is also about making it easier for people to work together. We want to help use current technology to make the increasingly complex interrelationships in business, work and society easier to manage. That’s why we are happy to support the LLI in its project,” says Join Managing Director Christian Wittrich. “Digitalization has radically changed the way we live together and the business world, but the legal sector has yet to really benefit from it. We want to change that together. We want to initiate a new way of thinking, develop solutions and set standards,” explains Kai Jacob, founder of LLI. To this end, the Liquid Legal Institute offers a neutral, open non-profit forum for discussion, exchange and collaboration. This is where knowledge is gathered, ideas are developed and solutions are worked on that the association members can immediately apply and test in their daily work. The initiative now has 240 members in ten countries.

Partnership was an obvious choice

The first contact came about through a joint project between the Magdeburg IT service provider and some of the founding members of LLI. “We were impressed by the expertise and the way the Join team approaches challenges. A more intensive collaboration was an obvious choice,” says Kai Jacob. Magdeburg is also pleased about the partnership: “We complement each other well with our new partners and will be happy to contribute our technological expertise and specific IT perspective. Together with LLI, we will develop new ideas and find solutions for the day-to-day challenges faced by legal departments. We are very excited,” says Christian Wittrich.

More about the Liquid Legal Institute: https://www.liquid-legal-institute.com/

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