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Certificate Program

Become an ‘M365 for Legal - Expert’ with our certification course


Microsoft 365 is one of the hottest topics in the current legal tech scene and almost every organisation has already made the decision to implement Microsoft 365 into their platform and include it in their global IT strategy.

Microsoft 365 for Legal – Topic

As the demands on legal departments increase, so do the expectations: Legal departments are being treated more and more like other departments, with KPIs such as effectiveness, efficiency, costs and productivity increasingly setting the agendas.
Technology and digitalisation in general are key drivers. Individual solutions for individual problems are not sustainable. Complexity and costs are rising, while user acceptance is falling. Similar to other industries and application areas, there is a trend towards platforms that are already accepted and established in companies, such as Microsoft 365.

With this intensive workshop, we want to build bridges and connect the areas of legal, business and IT, taking into account the rich world of the ubiquitous Microsoft platform. We want to motivate you to build, improve and act with all these possibilities without struggling with IT regulations.

Workshop – Structure

Attend our 1-day intensive workshop and earn your certification at the end. This hands-on experience covers key Microsoft tools and services to increase the efficiency of your legal department.

  • In interactive sessions led by industry experts, you will learn real-world scenarios and explore best practices for successful collaboration projects with your IT department.
  • You will receive razor-sharp use cases, real projects, best practices and a comprehensive insight into the Microsoft 365 platform and its possibilities in the legal sector from industry experts.
  • Improve your legal department or legal practice with practical use cases that combine Microsoft’s compliance, security and governance capabilities.
  • Discover growth opportunities for your organisation using the Power platform, Viva Insights and Microsoft Co-Pilot. This course is aimed at innovative legal professionals who want to realise the full potential of Microsoft tools and services.
  • By the end of the workshop, you will have gained valuable insights and practical skills to improve your legal practice.

Workshop – Contents

  • Module 1: Microsoft 365 Platform overview and possibilities
  • Module 2: Microsoft Teams / SharePoint
  • Module 3: Power Platform: Apps & Services
  • Module 4: Security, Governance & Compliance
  • Module 5: AI services and new technologies

Are you interested in attending this course?

Get in touch with us to find out more about the certification programme. Let’s dive into the possibilities of the Microsoft 365 platform together.

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