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AI & Legal

4 Key Takeaways from the Legal Operations Conference in Cologne


What a success, between topics such as artificial intelligence and Microsoft Copilot, LEDOX365 and the AI assistant also aroused a great deal of interest and we were able to inspire the participants with the new functions. We were in the thick of it instead of just being there, at the Legal Operations Conference 2024 in Cologne.

Focus on artificial intelligence

AI remains the number one hype topic, but the focus is increasingly shifting to specific use cases, IT and legal security as well as governance and compliance. The discussions on Responsible AI and Safeguards were particularly exciting. Microsoft provided impressive insights into how they intend to tackle these challenges and offer solutions to companies. They also highlighted current challenges, such as complying with legal requirements and ensuring data security. These topics are particularly relevant to us, as we at LEDOX365 always look to integrate innovative technologies securely and responsibly while actively shaping the future with our experience.

Microsoft 365 and the Copilot

Microsoft 365 and Copilot were key topics at the conference. The strategy of many companies to focus on platforms instead of individual solutions was clearly noticeable. The great interest in this topic could also be seen in the fact that the workshop on specific use cases of Microsoft Copilot had to be moved to the main conference room due to overcrowding in the small breakout room. In our conversations and during the panel discussions, it became clear that many companies recognise the added value of integrated platform solutions and are using them specifically to improve efficiency and collaboration.

Read more here: Responsible AI Principles and Approach | Microsoft AI

LEDOX365 and the AI assistant

Another thesis was also confirmed: Not every lawyer needs to be able to prompt or code. It is important to have a good technical overview and to understand the basic way of working. This makes it possible to work together with experts and realise use cases that bring real added value. This became clear once again at the conference and also confirms our vision in the application for the functions in LEDOX365. There, we make it possible to provide functions centrally in a wizard or to use them integrated in processes, but also to realise the configuration of your own prompts and functions. This flexibility helps our customers to develop customised solutions that perfectly match their specific requirements.

Unexpected highlights

A fire alarm provided an unexpected highlight in our workshop, which made the exciting discussions afterwards even livelier and was a cliffhanger of a different kind. In our workshop, we presented our approach of centralising the provision of AI-supported processes and functions in LEDOX365 in a live demo. We shared our experiences of implementing use cases in companies and discussed exciting new approaches. The inspiration and feedback from these discussions are always very valuable to us and help us to further develop our platform for the benefit of our customers.


We are already looking forward to the next event, the Liquid Legal Summit on 04 July 2024, and more exciting discussions! Our participation in such events is crucial to take the pulse of the industry and ensure that LEDOX365 always stays at the cutting edge of technology.

A big thank you to Juve, NWB, BuJ and Achim Tschauder for the perfect organisation and the well-curated programme.

Many thanks also to everyone who made this event a great experience and contributed to the discussions. We are excited about future developments and look forward to continuing to offer innovative solutions for the challenges in the area of legal operations.


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